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Advice On Baby Furniture Sets September 13, 2008

Posted by juditaylor in baby furniture sets.

As a mom of three i understand how much you love your babies and always want the best for them, crib, armoire, desk… everything. But when you choosing baby furniture sets for your cutie, you will realize that it involves various factors and it’s definitely not a “just pick one” choice.

Babies and toddlers spend a majority of their early years in their rooms (and we do too). It is important to plan carefully and make sure your baby furniture sets are safe enough to hold the prince and the princess, durable enough to fit your needs in the coming years, finely crafted and aesthetically pleasing with a great look and design.

As more and more parents are planning an enchanted environment for their babies to grow-up and play in, I would like to give a few advices on how to choose the right baby furniture sets to complement it.


Safety should be the major concern of all baby furniture sets as you don’t want any potential hazard around your love. Pay attention to these three things when you shopping

1. Rounded Corners and Edges
Kids are known to rough-handle beds, chairs, tables and everything they can reach. When they put their hands on, you want all the edges and corners of the baby furniture sets are smooth and rounded. Just make sure there is no incidental injures occurs during their way to learn by manipulating things around them.

2. Steadily Stand
Toddlers might still try to climb when they see a half-opened drawer of a armoire. When they step on, the weight can pull those tall but thin furniture down and threaten your babies safety. Pieces like bookcases, shelves, stacked boxes are potentially very dangerous to children. Pick those short and fat ones whenever possible because they are less likely to tip over.

3. Healthy Material
Last but not least, there is an invisible hazard shouldn’t be ignored. Some furnishing materials contain formaldehyde – a toxic chemical related to allergies, asthma, and cancer. They will contaminate indoor air of your home 24 hours a day. And babies in their early years are particularly likely to be harmed. American Society for Testing and Material (www.ASTM.org) has standards made especially for baby furniture sets.


Keeping in mind that children are growing faster than you think and the fact you want baby furniture sets to be used for the first a couple of years (if not a couple of months), it’s a smart idea to considering choosing those expandable ones.

In my case, marely one year after the Molly’s birth I found she was no longer going to fit into her crib. So you may want to look at considerate designs that allow you to transform a tiny baby crib into a full-fledged bed. So you don’t need to update the “hardware” every year or two.

Toddlers feel more comfortable within environment they are familiar with, so a consistent expandable furniture set is good for them as well.


One of the challenges when planning a baby room is that how to you get all the furniture piece beautifully matching each other and teaming with the rest of the your home decor. Ideally the baby furniture sets provide both beauty and practicality at the same time.

I found the tips for having a harmony around your baby’s world is to focus on the crib and the armoire. Because they are the foundation of all the furniture set and they are setting the style of a dream nursery. So get them fixed together first and later on you can always add the others easily.

Good designs will help to keep your taste consistent through the house and create a “wonderland” for your baby.



1. Mr WordPress - September 13, 2008

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2. Ibelieve - September 30, 2008

Hi Judi,
I’m about to have my first daughter in 2 weeks. You blog just helped me alot. Waitig to see more good advice coming out!

3. Fludac - October 2, 2008

Suggest argue, because only in a dispute born truth.

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